March update

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You will have spotted that this emails a little late, over half of April is gone and here I am updating you on March. As its been a roller coaster for all of us, I know you’ll understand why.

Talking D&T Podcast

Another 4 episodes this month:

  1. TD&T18: How can design not be considered as central to engaging with the future? The 3rd from Eddie Normanexploring the place of design education and is meant by knowledge in design and technology.
  2. TD&T19: Learning to teach D&T – book update Its with the publishers and in the episode I share some of the content of the 4th edition
  3. TD&T20: Designing a survey to understand how people value D&T an update on my research (see below for more and how you can be involved)
  4. TD&T21 Talking with Liam Anderson – alumni from NTU where I work and doing great things in Newbury.

You can listen to episodes on the podcast’s website and subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and other sites.

There are already 2 out for April and today I am editing the next ones for the rest of the month. As ever, if you have ideas for future episodes, drop me an email.

Design Epistemology

I have seen some interesting conversations on Twitterabout the key concepts and D&T knowledge. Thinking about and making curriculum decisions about the essence of D&T and what should be taught has long been debated but rarely agreed upon, which is why Eddie and I have been exploring what is meant by knowledge in design and technology.

There are now 5 podcast episodes in the series about design knowledge:

  1. TD&T12 How did we get here?
  2. TD&T13: Talking design and/or technology 2.0 with David Spendlove
  3. TD&T15: Do designers actually know anything?
  4. TD&T18: How can design not be considered as central to engaging with the future?
  5. TD&T22 What designers know and how they know it

We are interested in your thoughts about design knowledge, and if you are a teacher, how you see this in your teaching and curriculum. Look out for me and Eddie tweeting about how you can get involved.

The value of D&T

This is my ongoing research project that aims to understand what people say the point of D&T is by developing a survey that can be used to explore how different people value D&T.

We are now at the stage of testing out the 40+ different reasons people have given us for the purpose of D&T and would love to have your input. 

Let us know what you think about these statements by completing the survey.

It has been a busy and challenging few weeks working on these projects and moving teaching online. I am sure it has been the same for you too.

Drop me a line and tell me about your D&T projects – I might even persuade you to talk about them in a future podcast episode!

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