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We’re almost through May and the sun is shining, a great pick-me-up whilst we’re all finding new ways to live and work. I hope you’re well and keeping safe.

Learning to Teach D&T in the Secondary School

The book is due to be published in September, which I am so excited about!
Last month the publishers sent me a draft design for the book cover, which I rejected – then had to suggest new ideas for a redesign. You can hear me debate which visual images represent D&T in this podcast episode ‘TD&T26 Visual representation of D&T‘.
Routledge are advertising the book for pre-order from their website with a 20% discount and you can find details about each chapter on my website.
It has taken about 24 months from initial conversations with Routledge to publication and its great to know the end is in sight with this one because … I am planning the next 3 books!

Another book is in the pipeline!

You are the first to know that I am working with Routledge on the next edition of ‘Debates in Design and Technology Education‘. Previously edited by Gwyneth Owen-Jackson (who has now retired) and published in 2013, its time for an update – there are new debates about D&T, new things to discuss and talk about. If you have ideas for topics you would like to see debated drop me an email.

And another two books!

I have mentioned the project Eddie Norman and I have been working on exploring what is meant by knowledge in design and technology. We are planning two books exploring and suggesting ways we can think about knowledge in D&T.
Our plans for the first book is to ask people like you to contribute by sharing your thoughts, questions and views about what the issues are in design and technology that relate to its value, what is taught etc. 
Next week you can hear us talk episode 28about some of these issues and in June I’ll be talking about how you can get involved.
The second book will follow from the first and include possible solutions to the issues raised in book 1.

What is the value of D&T?

Thank you for completing the survey, which I mentioned in the last newsletter. If you haven’t yet completed it, its open until the end of May.
The next stage is to test out the redesigned survey and I am looking for schools who would like to be involved. If you would interested, sign up via this form.
Next month I hope to share with you some initial findings from the survey – you will be the first tohear these.

Talking D&T episodes

Another 6 episodes since the last newsletter and I hit a milestone of 2500 downloads!

Life is settling down to a new normal, with Zoom/Skype/FaceTIme/Teams conversations and chats. It has been challenging but also exciting.

Drop me a line and tell me about your D&T projects – I might even persuade you to talk about them in a future podcast episode!

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