May 2020 update

Once again writing and publishing has been my primary focus whilst I waited for the ‘Understanding the value of D&T survey to close. My creative flow has kicked back in recently, with 3 new books in the pipeline, a new curated resource for D&T teachers ‘Decolonising the D&T Curriculum’ and a new event that I am sharing in this newsletter.

As we have all moved online with teaching, talking and socialising I have found myself having more virtual conversations with D&T teachers about D&T. I can’t keep up with all the questions and requests for recommendations or advice so I decided to organise an online event for D&T teachers to talk about D&T. More details below…

Let’s Talk About D&T
Our first conversation focuses on pedagogy in D&T
Wednesday 8th July 8 – 9pm
This event is open to all current D&T teachers, no matter how much teaching experience you have, whether a student teacher, at the start or established in your career. I hope you can join me.
(This is now full – find out first about the August conversation by signing up to my monthly digest)

Decolonising the D&T Curriculum

The news about George Floyd’s death in America and the call for non-blacks to stand up for the #BlackLivesMatter campaign and be anti-racist in our daily lives made me return to a podcast I began planning a few months ago. So I decided I had to publish something to challenge myself and others in the D&T community about the ‘whiteness’ of the English D&T curriculum.

I recorded, edited and published episode TD&T30 Decolonising the D&T curriculum  in less than 24 hours. It had the most number of first-day downloads of any episode so the content obviously touched many people. I am grateful for the response and I plan to cover this topic in future episodes.

Alongside it I set up a new webpage where I am curating resources for D&T teachers to access to help them Decolonising the D&T Curriculum. I don’t own the resources and many of them have been found via Facebook posts and sent directly to me. If you have used a resource or know of one that could be shared let me knowand I’ll add it to the page acknowledging your contribution.

First view of our new book: 
Talking and Thinking about design and/or technology 2.0’

I have mentioned a few times the project Eddie Norman and I have been working on and finally we have something to show you. 
Take a look at the first iteration on my website of our new book ‘Talking and Thinking about design and/or technology 2.0’ using the password ‘LDP’. (Currently it is only available to newsletter subscribers.)

Let us know what you think and how you would like to contribute.

Debates in Design and Technology Education – 2nd edition

At the request of Routledge, I am drafting a proposal for the 2nd edition Debates in Design and Technology Education. The 1st edition was published in 2013 so an update is long overdue.

It will be (almost) a brand-new book because of the changes and new ideas influencing D&T. If you have ideas for topics that need to be debated, drop me an email before Friday 26th June as there will still be time to incorporate them in the proposal.

New Talking D&T episodes

TD&T28 Eddie and Alison talking about D&T and epistemology
TD&T29 What are the debates in D&T?
TD&T30 Decolonising the D&T curriculum
TD&T31 Are there different ways of knowing?

Drop me a line and tell me about your D&T projects – I might even persuade you to talk about them in a future podcast episode.

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