June 2020 update

On Wednesday 8th July a group of us came together on Skype and talked about pedagogy in D&T. In one hour we covered over 15 different topics, including: 

  • Retrieval practice
  • Rosenshire’s ‘Principles of Instruction’
  • I do/ we do/ you do
  • Knowledge and skills: are they the same or different
  • Tinkering

The feedback has been lovely – 

“Thank you for the conversation. I really didn’t know what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have lots of conversations about pedagogy and teacher exposition in my leadership role as teaching and learning lead coach but rarely around Design and Technology. Looking forward to the next one.” 

Sian Pike

Details below of my next 3 events. These events are open to all current D&T teachers, no matter how much teaching experience you have, whether a student teacher or established in your career. 
I hope you can join me!

‘Let’s talk about D&T’ Events

Wednesday 12th August 
Discussing knowledge in D&T

Wednesday 9th September
Discussing Curriculum in D&T

Wednesday 14th October
What is the purpose of D&T?

Learning to teach D&T

The proofs have been checked, the index created, a new book cover designed so we are on for a September publication. 
It is available for pre-order, use the code FLR40 to receive a 20% discount via the Routledge website  There will be an e-book available at the same time as the print version. 
Matt McLain and I are working with the book’s contributors to produce a set of powerpoint to make freely available to teacher educators for use with the book. Sign up to receive a set when they are published in September.

Debates in D&T Education

Several people have contacted me with ideas for the 2nd Edition of the Debates in D&T book. In next week’s podcast I talk about one of the suggestions I received.
The book has 3 parts, and (I think – but this may change) will have 15 chapters:

  • Part 1: Political and international debates about D&T
  • Part 2: What is design and technology education?
  • Part 3: Teaching D&T
Research update

Things have slowed down here. As with all education institutions we are rapidly repositioning our teaching for a blend of online/face-to-face from September, which means data analysis has slipped down the priority list. I plan to push it back to the front this month and will (hopefully) have an update on the survey ‘Understanding the value of D&T’ next month.

However, I am designing a 4 part programme for student teachers that will begin in September based on my research about where our D&T values come from and how they affect what we teach. If Your values and D&T sounds like something you might want to know more about, I’ve created a sign-up form so that you can be contacted when the programme is ready to go…join that list here!

New Talking D&T episodes

TD&DT32 Books to read about D&T education
TD&T33 Kurt Seemann’s view of technological knowledge (Part 1)
TD&T34 Kurt Seemann on classifying and organising D&T knowledge (Part 2)
TD&T35 Space for you to write and talk about D&T

June was another month that flew by, with new projects starting and others ticking along. How was June for you? Drop me a line and update me on your D&T projects. I’d love to hear about your work!

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