July update

I love how the summer gives me space to spend time on projects that give me joy. Although I am having to (unexpectedly) create online content for my university teaching* I have still found time for my D&T projects.

Books, books, books!

Book 1
The book proposal for the Debates in D&T book is in with Routledge, who will send it out for review and I should receive their comments back by mid-September. 
The 2nd edition has 18 chapters, five updated from the 1st edition and the others are new, either focussing on old debates or bringing in new debates. I am really excited about working with new authors in this book and hearing their thoughts about the debates in and around D&T.

Book 2
Learning to teach book is available for pre-order, use the code FLR40 to receive a 20% discount via the Routledge website

Book 3
The draft version of Talking and Thinking Design and/or Technology 2.0 is still available on my website for you to download – take a read and think about contributing to this book.

Research update

We have begun analysing the data from our pilot study. To date 124 people completed the survey (Wow! There’s obviously an interest in our research – thank you if you took part) and we are looking for more of you to complete it.

The more responses we have the more confident we can be that we are measuring what we want to measure (sound confusing? you’re not alone! I’ll be publishing a podcast in September explaining more about the project).

Survey link: What do you think the value of D&T is?

We are also recruiting schools to take part in our study. We are looking for up to 10 schools in England to participate in the next stage of our study ‘Understanding the value of D&T’. For now, we only require expressions of interest and some basic information about your school. We will use this information to select schools to test the survey and collect some preliminary data. The survey is online and we do not need to visit your school

We are looking for:

  • Secondary schools in England
  • State and private schools
  • Schools with pupils aged between 11 and 16
  • Schools able to allocate 15 minutes of a design and technology lesson for classes of pupils to complete the survey

Sign up here: Expression of interest in my school taking part in the project ‘Valuing D&T Education’

If you are a student teacher and want to understand how your values of D&T affect how you teach the subject, sign up to find out about my 4 part programme that will begin in September. 

Social media and blogging

I observed many interesting things during lockdown, both locally and online, I wrote about this for work: ‘Schooling during lockdown – which subjects have benefitted?

I enjoyed this thread by Cameron Tonkinwise about the dangers of superficial design research. 

Let’s talk about D&T

Next week I am hosting the next conversation – this time we’re talking about knowledge in D&T – I am sure there will be lots to talk about!

Wednesday 12th August 
Discussing knowledge in D&T

Wednesday 9th September
Discussing Curriculum in D&T

Wednesday 14th Ocotober
What is the purpose of D&T?

These events are open to all current D&T teachers, no matter how much teaching experience you have, whether a student teacher or established in your career. 
I hope you can join me!

New Talking D&T episodes

TD&T36 The rules of technacy for D&T – Kurt Seemann (part 3)
TD&T37 D&T Curriculum Planning using Technacy with Kurt Seemann (part 4)
TD&T038 What’s in and what’s out of D&T?
TD&T039 Learning outcomes and concepts in D&TTD&T040 Who are you in D&T?

I hope you’re finding time to rest, recuperate and create.
How was July for you? Drop me a line and update me on your D&T projects. I’d love to hear about your work!

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* You can find out about my teaching at Nottingham Trent University via my NTU profile page.

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