September 2020 update

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The last couple of months have been calm and busy! I took some time off in August and then hit the ground running in September – my D&T projects have moved a long in the last month and (as usual) I have started some new ones!

Learning to Teach D&T book

This was officially published last week and I know many of you have purchased a copy because you’ve shared your pictures on Twitter, which is great but I’m not happy because I haven’t received a copy yet! (Update: I have received my copy – in fact multiple copies!)

Resources to accompany the Learning to Teach book

Matt McLain and I worked together with several contributors to create PowerPoints to support some of the chapters.

I am also working with Sarah Davies and Matt on a webinar to support chapters 12, 13 and 14 – book out for details on twitter or sign up to receive early notification.

Let’s talk about D&T events

I ran 3 of these over the summer about curriculum, pedagogy and knowledge. It was great fun to catch up with D&T colleagues from across the UK.

Look out for more of these in 2021.

Value of D&T project

Wow – this project is motoring a long!

14 schools are participating in the pilot study (although with so many it might become part of the main study) and they are trying out the next version of the survey to measure and compare what different people value about D&T. The survey will be sent to pupils aged between 1 & 16 plus the D&T teachers in the school.

We have 2 questions at this stage:

  • Can we use our survey to understand the values attributed to D&T by different groups of people?
  • If yes, can this help us understand whether the value each person attributes is a factor in their motivation/behaviour towards D&T?(If its a ‘no’ then we’ll rethink the survey)

We hope to be able to share some of our findings in the next few months.

(If you’re new to my mailing list you can hear about the project in Episode 24 Understanding the value of D&T)

Talking and Thinking about design and/or technology 2.0

The project Eddie Norman and I have been working on is still open for comments and contributions. It will feature in our keynote speech for the DATTARC conference in December.

If you are involved in D&T education please take a look at the first iteration on my website of our new book ‘Talking and Thinking about design and/or technology 2.0’. Let us know what you think and how you would like to contribute.Debates in Design and Technology Education.

I’ll end where I began – with a book.

In July, I sent off the proposal for the 2nd edition of Debates in Design and Technology Education, the reviews have come back positively and later this month we hope to hear that Routledge editorial board have given it the go ahead (update – they have so its all systems go!.

As ever, thanks to you for your emailsTweets and ‘likes’ on Instagram – its always great to hear how things are moving on in your D&T lives.

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