October 2020 project update

So how did that happen – mid-November???
One moment it was October and then whoosh it’s November (and lockdown 2 in England). Itt feels like 2020 is speeding by and simultaneously creeping along.
October was about content creation: videos, articles and book materials.
First the videos …

A conversation about D&T

Working with Sarah Davies and Matt McLain we have produced 3 videos linked to our chapters in the Learning to Teach D&T book:

We’re hosting a webinar on Tuesday 1st December @ 19.30 (GMT), which is now fully booked but if you are a student D&T teacher you can add your name to the waiting list: Conversation about teaching D&T.

Writing about D&T

I talk a lot about D&T but I also write about it.

I was invited by Dave Parry from CLEAPPS to contribute to an edition of their free online magazine FutureMInds. Matt McLain and I shared 4 possible future scenarios of D&T. Check these out on page 35 of the magazine.

In October’s publication of the Design and Technology Education: And International Journal is my joint review with Liam Anderson of the book Pedagogy for Technology Education in Secondary Schools. The review is available online – let us know if you agree with our evaluation!

If you want to write about D&T but don’t know where to start, take a listen to episode 49 ‘Getting started with writing about D&T‘ – the subject needs more people to write about their practice and views of D&T.

Talking and Thinking about design and/or technology 2.0

Here’s one way you could get writing – contribute to our evolving book/s about design and/or technology 2.0. 

Take a look at the first iteration on my website of our book ‘Talking and Thinking about design and/or technology 2.0’. Let us know what you think and how you would like to contribute.

Debates in Design and Technology Education

So its all systems go on the 2nd edition of Debates in Design and Technology Education. The reviews came back really positive from 3 anonymous reviewers (thank you who ever you are – your suggestions were helpful). 
The new edition will have 3 parts and (currently) 20 chapters (books evolve as they are edited):

Section 1 Political and international debates about design and technology: The chapters will be scene setting with a macro perspective on design and technology, such as government policies and an international perspective.

Section 2 What is design and technology education? Debates in this section will be around the nature and perceptions of the subject.

Section 3 Teaching design and technology This final section is about classroom debates, what is taught and how it is taught.
In November and December I am meeting online with contributors as their ideas begin to take shape for their chapters. I’ll share updates in 2021 as the book progresses. 

Value of D&T project

The next version of the survey is out in schools and we (me and the rest of the research team) are already learning from this phase of our study. So far we have over 600 responses from pupils and their teachers about what they believe to be the value of D&T.

(If you’re new to my mailing list you can hear about the project in Episode 24 Understanding the value of D&T)

D&T Student Teacher Bursary – response from the community

Finally, if you’re in England you will probably have heard the DfE announcement about the withdrawal of the teacher training bursary for several subjects, including D&T. In response, a small group came together to draft a letter, which was shared with a wider group of D&T ITE (initial teacher education) colleagues.
Read our letter here: Securing the future of the D&T Education workforce.
Thanks to Rose Sinclair, Matt McLain, Torben Steeg and Sarah Davies for drafting the initial letter – a fab team!

As ever, thanks for your emailsTweets and ‘likes’ on Instagram – I enjoy hearing and talking with you about what’s happening in your D&T lives.

I hope you are your loved ones are keeping safe and well.

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