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October 2020 project update

So how did that happen – mid-November???One moment it was October and then whoosh it’s November (and lockdown 2 in England). Itt feels like 2020 is speeding by and simultaneously creeping along.October was about content creation: videos, articles and book materials.First the videos … A conversation about D&T Working with Sarah Davies and Matt McLain we have produced 3 videos linked to […]

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July update

The summer is a time to relax and be creative!

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Schooling during lockdown – which subjects have benefitted?

This post originally appeared on the Nottingham Institute of Education blog. During lockdown, formal education has continued to be offered in different forms. For many, this has meant a move to home-schooling. For a minority, this has meant attending school in radically reduced numbers with social distancing measures in place. These changes have raised a […]

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