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TD&T37 D&T Curriculum Planning using Technacy with Kurt Seemann (part 4) Talking D&T

Further reading about technacyFoundation Papers:2003: Basic Principles in Holistic Technology Education1995: Technacy: towards a holistic understanding of technology teaching and learning among aboriginal AustraliansRecent Papers by PhD teachers:2020: Developing Computational Thinking in Children (Years 3 to 12) Through Programming using the Technacy TheoryAuthors: Jayanti S Nayak, Therese Keane, & Kurt SeemannSeemann, K., Cerovac, M, & Keane, T. (2019, in print) Understanding spatial inferential reasoning skills for Design Led STEM education, 1Proceedings of the Technology Education New Zealand Conference, 1-3 October 2019 → Albany Senior High School, Albany, NZ.Kurt also extends an invitation to all listeners to submit, participate,  and present via webinar and recorded presentation tp the conference:Design and technology Teachers Association Research Conference in 2-5  Dec 2020.Paper Themes and submissionsSubmit a paperCall for Papers TimelineTranscript.docPlease offer your feedback about the show or ideas for future episodes and topics by connecting with me on Twitter @hardy_alison or by emailing me.If you listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, please take a moment to rate and/or review the show.Support the show (
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