I have produced some resources linked to my publications and work. They are free to use but my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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Mentoring Design and Technology Teachers in the Secondary School

Edited by Suzanne Lawson and Sue Woods-Griffiths and published August 15th 2019 (Link to flyer with 20% discount code)

This collection offers an evidence-based approach to mentoring and supporting design and technology teachers in the secondary school, and provides tried and tested strategies to support mentors in their role. 

I wrote chapter 2, Understanding yourself – beliefs, values and attitudes how your experiences influence your approaches to mentoring, which focuses on how your values and beliefs about education and design and technology (D&T) are formed and how they might shape your relationship with your mentee. In the chapter I provide four tasks that are designed to inspire you to think about your beliefs, values and attitudes. I have created Word documents you can download and use alongside the book:

Design Fiction

I wrote an article, Using design fiction to teach new and emerging technologies, for the American journal, Technology and Engineering Teacher. In the article I describe 6 lessons, which should give students a more meaningful learning experience about new technologies, where they create new futures that are grounded in a reality they can understand and explore the unforeseen consequences of them. If you want to use these lessons I have written a useful short document with a brief outline for each lesson.

Link to: Six lesson plan for using design fiction in D&T

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