Decolonising the D&T curriculum

This page is a space to share curated items that facilitate the decolonisation of the D&T curriculum.

If you want to hear my preliminary thoughts on why this matters and how we can do it, take a listen to episode 30 of my podcast.

This is new work and a new space, as I find more examples I will add them below. If you have any resources to add to the list, send me an email via my contact page.

Stephen Walker has also created a web-based resources ‘Design Diversity‘ with the aim of co-creating a diverse list of designers and design lead businesses to put forward in a proposal to the exam boards to address the whiteness of the D&T specifications.


Anifa Mvuemba (Twitter) and website

Rose Sinclair (Twitter): Lecturer, Textiles practitioner, Author, PhD researcher of Caribbean textiles, textiles & crafts in communities, trad crafts + new tech (Twitter profile)

Balkrishna Doshi (architect): 7 Projects You Need to Know by 2018 Pritzker Prize Winner B.V. Doshi (thank to Lisa Robinson for this)

Joe Casely-Hayford (Wikipedia) (Thanks to Mathew Robin for sharing this profile)

Lyn-Al Young: From her website ‘Lyn-Al Young is a 23 year old Gunnai, Wiradjuri, Gunditjmara and Yorta Yorta fashion designer and artist living in Melbourne.’

Ann Lowe, an acclaimed African American dress designer who was happiest when she created in cloth (Thanks to Josie Patrick for sharing this profile & Lyn-Al’s)

Fazlur Rahman Khan (Thanks to @RealDazzler for sharing this)

Dr Christine Checinska via Rose Rinclair


3-position traffic lights by Garrett Morgan: YouTube video (thanks to Bryan MacFarlane for this)


Decolonising Design (Twitter): website

Design Can website (Thanks to Fran Meana for sharing this)


From Dave Ardley:


OCAD U ‘The largest and most comprehensive art, design and media university in Canada’ news item (2/5/20):

‘OCAD University’s Faculty of Design is pleased to announce the hiring of five new tenure-track faculty members who self-identify as Black peoples of African Descent (including Africans and African heritage people from the Caribbean, North America and Latin America), as a special program under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

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