Let’s talk about D&T

Do you want to talk about D&T with others who have a passion for the subject?

Are you interested in exploring new ideas about D&T?

Looking to expand your D&T views?

Come and join my monthly D&T conversation!

Each month we talk about a different topic related to D&T education from curriculum to creativity, pedagogy to progression, and everything in between. Expect the conversation to challenge and disrupt your thinking!

This meet up is all about support, exploring ideas and sharing thoughts in a non-judgemental environment.

The event is open to all current D&T teachers. You are welcome no matter how much D&T teaching experience you have, whether a student teacher, beginning your career or established on your career.

The Skype conversations take place on the second Wednesday of the month between 7.00 – 8.00 PM (London time zone). Tickets are booked through Alison’s Eventbrite page.

Upcoming dates and topics

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Wednesday 12th August: Knowledge in D&T

Wednesday 9th September: Curriculum and D&T

Wednesday 14th October: What is the point of D&T?

Please note: These events are not a space to solve individual issues or dilemmas, that’s for a one-to-one conversation with Alison or others at another time.